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Recent dirty battles and later, the split of Ambani Duo depict a new story of globalization and in fact, this is a generalization of several theories. Well, that issue has become a history now. Recently, Anil Ambani launched a new corporate identity of his “ADA Reliance Group” with a much-hyped gang-ho. The logo has been designed after an extensive research by several high-profile creative people and advertising agencies from 3 countries, despite of the fact that the Reliance has its own supported advertising agency, MUDRA. Then, what is the special story behind this new logo?

The Reliance wordmark, with its entirely new font, speaks of the lineage and the accentuated ‘A’ in Reliance tells you it’s Anil Ambani’s group. The bold blue and red lines against the white backdrop, said company sources, denote solidity and confidence. The logo represents the company’s new vision, that of being a “forerunner in every capacity and yet reaching out to the core consumer”. For the younger Ambani scion, the alphabet ‘A’ has been stylistically converted into arrows, arching upwards, signaling the group’s strategic intent: forward into the future.

Anyways, the advertisements of ADAG’s new corporate identity can be seen everywhere in New Delhi and probably, all over the country(somewhat inspired by the Arindam “bastard” Chaudhary Policy, I guess). ADAG has taken the pace now and Anil Ambani has really promised a fast-paced business in last months. How long will it last, this is matter of future reference.

The second most important spectacle is Mittal-Arcelor warfare. The months-long story has now taken a different turn. After a long series of denial and controversies, the Arselor seems to be relented now. They have finally decided to talk with Mittals after Mittal Steel offered a revised bid. How different is this new offer, none knows but, the strange things is that, for the first time, the government authorities of EU are silent on this development. I think, this isn’t going to last any longer, at least, the French authorities will start making comments soon. Aren’t they abusing the promises to be brought by Globalization, free market policy, and the WTO? Their justifications behind the so-called “hostile bid” is full of banality and this is onerous to the visions of globalization policies. The Mittals kept disseminating their views, but the whole EU(supposed to be greatest supporter of WTO) ignored it. These events lead the ambitious global businesses in jeopardy. Let’s see, what happens after the proposed meeting between Mittals and Arcelor!!

The Khodorkovsky-Eukos issue has suddenly became inevitable to discuss and to co-relate with the Arcelor controversy. The 40-yrs old Russian tycoon Mikhael Khodorkovsky is behind the bars now and this is also a result of the silent war carried with globalization. Khodorkovsky is being accused in Russia of tax evasion and profiteering, although in general all Russian tycoons are crooks. In the press scenario, the 51-year old Putin, who has been stabilizing Russia and its economy, is a Soviet holdover, and the 40-year old Khodorkovsky is a product of Russian capitalism. Simple arithmetic demonstrates that Khodorkovsky was 22 when Gorbachev came to power, that he was 26 when the Soviet empire crumbled, and that he was 28 when the USSR dissolved. A man at that age cannot be said to be the product of what came after 1991 in Russia. So the communist Putin versus the capitalist Khodorkovsky is a lie. Logic tells us of another piece of lying: you didn’t amass in Russia a fortune the size of Khodorkovsky’s-mainly the huge Yukos oil company–at 40 years of age without having been an insider. Basically, then both Putin and Khodorkovsky are children of the same mother. On the other hand, why aren’t other crooked businessmen in Russia in jail for the same offenses as Khodorkovsky’s? And here the press is probably right when it points out that he tried to sell a large stake in his company to foreigners.

Proof of globalization