Founder, Head of Design & Web Technologies: Dreamworkers Productions
Co-founder, Convener: Dream India Project
Former Guest Lecturer: SOJNMS, IGNOU
Current Location: Stockholm, Sweden
Working On: Trellis v5
Reading: A Short History of Nearly Everything
Just Watched: The Interview (2014)


  • Dreamworkers Productions Founder, Head of Design & Web Technologies Jan 2009 to present
  • Dream India Project Co-Founder, Convener Sept 2008 to present
  • School of Journalism and New Media Studies, IGNOU Guest Lecturer, MA(EMPM) Program Mar 2010 to Dec 2010
  • Intellisoft Services Co-founder, Partner Dec 2005 to Sept 2008 Delivery Manager (Products) Dec 2007 to Sept 2008 Head - Creative Division June 2006 to Sept 2008 Lead - Creative Division Dec 2005 to May 2006 Web Designer (Intelliscript) Jan 2005 to Nov 2005
  • Careerspedia Content Researcher Mar 2004 to Dec 2004



  • Languages English, Hindi, Bhojpuri, Spanish
  • Social Involvements Dream India Project, Hamaar Bhojpuri, Liberty Center, ABVP, Godhuli, International High IQ Society
  • Interests Cinema, reading, web & dotcoms, philosophy, politics, poetry, social media, entrepreneurship, writing, design, technology, social work, travel, history, Cricket (sport, not the bug), music, languages, Bhojpuri & other cultures, popular science, rural India, topics of national interest

Early life:

Born in early 80s in a remote village in Jharkhand, an eastern province of India. A calm, gorgeous, and small village, though pretty much unbearable in summers. A village which is still not connected to the bus route by tarmac roads which means that in each monsoon, when it rains real heavily, it's easier walking off roads than the muddy roads. The condition of the aforementioned road has not been improved much, but the village kept itself updated with rapid development in technology and infrastructure across India and gradually transformed itself to a more urban state than rural. Despite that, It remains a quentessential countryside, preserving the calmness and utterly laid-back life style so much that it compensate for a lot of things you wouldn't find there coming from a city.

I was homeschooled for a few years, then studied for a little less than 2 years at the small single-room primary school with roof of tiles. Left the village at the age of 7 to study further at a missionary school, at the nearby small district town called Garhwa, some 10 kms far from my village. After graduating the 10th board and living a pretty much roller-coaster 5 years, moved to another town, a little bigger than the previous one, to finish next two years of schooling. I was 13 years and a few months old then and that was introduction to an independent life, mostly freed from parents and guardians and relatives and their constant scrutiny and monitoring of my life. But it was also the time when the perils of the life had to finally be confronted, lived, and traveled through. The next 2 years were mostly spent figuring it out. I reckon that would be the reason I turned to study religion and political movements intensely, which led to go beyond studying and understanding these things - thinking, knowing, experiencing, and moving ahead. I have been an wanderer by nature since very early, most of this trait wasn't honed by choice but by the forces of the intrinsic nature of life. At the point, just when I started to understand it, the recently gather knowledge and experience made it look all frail and redundant. I was to understand the energy, direct and allocate to all the directions independently. And to realize that it's okay to sit back, study, think, and contemplate each time the energy beamed to the face of a mountain. Anyways, it was then I decided to break open, go outwards, and express. After a few months, I joined right-wing ABVP, the most resourceful student politics organization at my college. Despite not properly studying the topics which the grades are made of and spending a major chunk of those one and half years with ABVP activities and voraciously reading the 'other stuffs', I believe the years were spent well.

The next four years were spent doing similar stuffs which I did during last two years, with 2-3 major changes - I migrated to a city called Patna (state capital of Bihar), the scope of the interests and activities were broadened a big deal, and it was time to figure out what to do next and keep on doing for a major part of my life, not quite reluctantly, but then it was certain by then that something is needed to be done to fuel the rest of the unyielding stuffs. It was later when it came to my mind that there should be a way which can somewhere mix and fix both the necessary chores and the unyielding ideas & interests. To start with, this made me dropping the idea of studying medicine, but this comes later. During the initial months of this 4 year period I stayed with ABVP and later, I dilly-dallied with the exactly opposite of the former outfit, the communists, discussing a lot of stuffs at the CPI office. Tell you the truth, I got into this mostly out of curiosity, and partly for free evening snaks & tea and for borrowing communist literature & erstwhile Soviet fictions for free. The CPI office also had a bookshop and library and it was easily reachable from my then residence.

To be continued...

Personal Traits

Rational, Indian, intrapersonal thinker, passionate, individualist, motivated, ambitious, entrepreneur, technologist, poet, writer, dreamer, philosopher, free, avid reader, wise, mostly quiet but vocal when provoked. libertarian, right, and secular.

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