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Resolution, resolution, resolution
But why didn’t we ever bring a revolution,
why we never look like intrepid.
We begin from an imbroglio,
waxed in and now we want be finished in imbroglio.

Are we unwilling to find a way?
paths are ahead of us.
The sun never stopped shining,
but our eyes have been closed.
The freesom of sky is moving around
and we can fly to the stars.
But we don’t have courage to let ourselves
in the splendid,
perpetual unkown.
We don’t know the experience of joy
that the unknown brings,
the greatest ecstacy that is swimming around.

Haa, we are waiting
to be nailed by the time before the doors
Shall the time arrive
when we have to move along the time.
And yes, it is a time to
take a chance,
a charge, a control,
not taking care of the being.
taking the cares shall
let us to enter
in nowhere….

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