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Two Drops of Tear

I felt
just two drops of tear
striking on my mind.
My mind shouted
that the sky is leaking.
My heart
whispered slowly,
the drops never fall,
they rise from the two eyes of God.

I was thinking
perhaps the sky is the face of God,
and we often supposed
when drops fall
on our minds and souls.
Our mind overlooked the soul of the drops
and shouted
the sky is leaking.
We often couldn’t find the souls,
and the spirits, but always the faces,
and the sky, but the God.

We always laughed when God cried
and declared the sky was laughing.
We always laughed when people were weeping
since we looked on thy faces
who hiding the tears
letting us feel the drops of water
and not the tears.

We overlooked
thy souls, and thy spirits,
thy loves, and thy lives.
We felt
the two drops of water,
on our minds
not on our souls.

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One Comment

  1. Shikha Shikha

    What an eternally wonderful poem in itself it is!!! 🙂
    Wonderfully thought and nicely compiled!!! 🙂


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