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Atlas shrugged again, but where is John Galt??

1). All are crooks here, no individual can blame and be blamed

2). We too. piracy, self-contradictions, procrastination, irresponsibility, cowardice, and many more

3). IIMs are best place to employ reservation and the quota percentage should be no less than 100%

4). They never produce(support) entrepreneurs and leaders.. copy-cats from Harward Stanford and that even 10 yrs old practices.

6) Every year Bakul Dholakia comes with a press release included the total no of foreign placements and highest paid dollar sand the celebration continues for months

7). World’s 2nd largest IT country has prides— tally, hotmail, and few local players

8). Infosys never dared to start innovation/product dev earlier, they had to make presence in global market well, what now? even after such large volume of revenue and potential human resource, you have no motivation except increasing quarterly profit

9). Political parties are busy in fighting with each other.only job they have

10). Planning commission.and their words—in Feb, GDP will be 8-9% this year and in June, GDP can’t reach at 8-9% until the foreign investment rate grows by 4-5%.they have no idea about the planning itself

11). 5-yrs plan have always been a great failure.and they keep making them

12). Millions are being spent on ministry/deptt of disinvestment result is cipher, bloody, they need to be privatized first

13). Communists never stop attempting to destroy the peace and growth of country

14). Learn from Bill gate she’s investing in the India for AIDS/Malaria/others as a philanthropist.more than governments’ funds..fortunate people and unfortunate politicians/bureaucrats, the money is coming from Bill’s account, rather than IMF/World bank fund..otherwise, there were strong bright chances of loosing money in the longest logistics of Indian gov shud politicians start protesting now that the money will be spent by state government and gov officials?.no direct investment is allowed by any foreign personal, anyways (some1 convey this idea plz)

15). Was medical students protest a sign of “the strike”?

16). State governments.they really have several problems, like Kaveri issue, Narmada, river linking, modi, migration, foreign invaders (biharis in assam/maharashtra, bangalis in delhi, north Indians in south, south Indians in north, muslims in gujarat, north-east everywhere).really severeno need to wonder there are no development steps being taken by state govmt.

17). Why are diff gov organizations if there is no job and in spite of spending crores like, mahila aayog, pariwar kalyan, dalit aayog, prathmik sikhsha, malaria unmulan, and 100s more

18). Is Supreme court administrating India??why they need to appear after govt fails with each and every issue?

19). Why “education” has become most profitable industry in India (coaching instt, 2000 b-schools, thousands of engg coll) when none is being educated/taught correctly, even at the slightest level..and why do UGC/AICTE/HRD exist?

20). Who is the most significant face of Indian service industry revolutions?? centers and BPOs..that’s wat we cud do after options, we r having pride that most of the country’s talents from IIT/IISc/IIM/Univs/Instt are placed in US/Europe/Australia we say it “global Indian takeover”.bloody, where the hell is “local indian takeover” is “India-MNCs’ takeover” now

21). India has some of the most intelligent economists/finance specialists in the world..wat abt the fluctuation of Sensex everyday? cant u make any rule for stabilizing the FII/FDI flow?

22). politicians never care abt the national security, it’s vote-bank after all.since kashmir has the greatest impact on ppl so we dont care abt nepal/bangladesh/srilanka.well, sometimes Bhutan does our jobs stupid bhutani king, he can’t even win a panchayat election.we hv made such situation that Indian overlook everything when it comes to pakistan/kashmir.. and we(govt) are focussedthat’s another thing that we hv got almost no results there but why shud the issue b is a strongest stimulant for getting votes..ya, of course, they r goin to raise the issue 6 months before the general elections

23). who gave such authorities to politicians/bureaucrats. tht made narayanmurthy/kurien/medha/Pitroda whom.the crap dewegauda/meera kumar..

24). Lakhs of cases are pending in thousands of courts(supreme-state-district-) where is supreme court now?

25). India hasn’t produced single true Indian MNC in last 58 years only achievement– Tata motors sold 1 lakh Tata Indica in Europe well, Hyundai sells more in mere India, every year can’t learn from Japan, they were worse than us in 1947.

Well, too much talks and too much thoughts.actions are still awaited or we are waiting for some kind of miracle or catastrophe or we are still happy that India was “sone ki chidiya” once, “jo kab ki ud chuki” well, time moves on, so do webut, the question is still the same.who is John Galt? Do I? Do you? And Where is he?.Call him..The country is waiting!!!

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  1. Thani Thani

    I am sorry to say that you understanding in many matters needs to be corrected.

    I too accept that there is lot to be done in india but for that praising others is not the right attitude,
    In the case of Bill Gates do you know why he spending so much in india, when there are number of countries where people live without basic facilites, do you know how and based on what of money spent in india, its all because of the amount of business he generates from india and the support he needed from the indian industry, politicians and others.

    What you said is one part of the story which needs a lot of understanding to speak about them.

    But i appreciate your inner urge of wanting india to develop, we have pit fall which cannot be refused and which need time which we usally take more than others because that is the mindset we have been in.

  2. Bayard Bayard

    Hi Thani,

    Thanks for the comment. This post was an outcry and a call rather than a synopsis of India and the issues. It was more like sarcasm and amusement, rather than the analysis. I’ve been exaggerated, but at the same time, these points have got some basis. Just because I talked about the drawbacks and debacles (in any manner..let assume it immaterial), they cant be ignored….and its certainly not praising others. I didnt do that. Bill Gates, as a philanthropist, has turned up as a biggest spender in India because Indian technologist and managers have put tremendous efforts to build Microsoft….Gates recognized that and came to India as a payback. That’s all, but interests of Gates are not any points here. The points are the flaws in our system and the today’s India. If we dont become rational and unbiased; and don’t get the clear view of it…we may not come at the right solution.

    I’m agree with you that there’s still a long way to go and several more issues have to mentioned while traveling on this path. But, we need to start from somewhere. We cant wait for some miracle or until the time we get to finish the discussions about all the issues. I firmly say that I’m a believer of “Karma”…I believe in dreams and thoughts and all those related stuffs; but it must come at a concrete solution and point, from where we can start the journey and start doing. We also know that this dream can’t be achieved in one go…even when we manage ot call a “Civil War” in the country. A planned solution has to be made and the work needs to be started as soon we can….we know that it’ll take time, so why dont start it from now that, at least, we bring the change far earlier.

    Thani, I’d invite you read one more post– “The mainstream theory”. Here, I’ve talked about the solution and this theory is a child of my mind that, according to me, is a best suitable solution for “Dream-India”. I’m keen to hear your responses.

    Thank you.

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