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Social justice and citizen empowerment

Rights & Reservations: Wheels of Politics

Quota : quoted Again

The guy who invented the first wheel was an idiot. The guy who invented the other three, the man was genius. And here comes another genius – M. Veerappa Moily with some tremendous scientific ideas. His appearance in the most sacrosanct warfare was quite bright tending to prove himself the most genius guy of our times. The report of the oversight committee was the same, trying to justify all the actions, after such gang-ho created by UPA government and citizens over the quota cauldron. The HRD minister is still crying, vociferous but isolated, and few more committees have to be formulated in coming days. Vrinda Karat, Sitaram Yechury, and other communists are still protesting, don’t know why. Students are making alliances again and industry is celebrating the power of money. But, the brave man Moily submitted the report with numerous innovative paragraphs and its making HRD minister’s outcry louder than ever. The considerable point with Moily is that he doesn’t stop now and the most important point is that none seems to be finished when it comes to reservation. Everyone has an issue and counter-issue to produce and who is taking the decisions is still in the vague.

This is the second decade of Mandal and the debate and it doesn’t seem to be reached at any conclusion. After Kashmir and alike Kashmir, reservation has become the most working formula in this bloody business of our political avatars. Ramadoss duo quoted that the OBCs can’t wait now, they already have waited for 59 yearsin the same way Kashmir-related and Pak-supported terrorists quote everyday. Neither Kashmiris said it once nor the OBCs. The debate never landed in the mainstream that what exactly the people want. Uplifting is really an issue in our society and it certainly has to be taken care of. But, how will uplifting and the absolute social justice be achieved? Okay, we consider that the reservation can bring a sort of justice to the backward citizens however, neither it made any effect in the past 15 years nor it seems to do anything in the coming years. During my childhood, Id read somewhere that when Arjun Singh travels, more than 50 vehicles follow his car and in the same way, VP Singh’s constituency was one of the most undeveloped districts in the decade of 90s. This is what these social godfathers do for uplifting the non-privileged citizens of the country. What kind of change the whole reservation debate has brought to the society is visible to all. Everyone knows that the grass root is still not affected by all these developments.

According to Moily, Rs 20,000 crore (approx) — half is one-time expenditure and half of the money is recurring expenditure(to be spent every year)— will be spent in next 5 years to implement the new quota policy. I’m not an economist/social planner, but I can visualize that such amount of money could be well spent on the primary education of 35.2% illiterate people. They are busy in amending child labor law and they smartly overlook the reason behind it. Who need the education— the SC/ST/OBC people preparing for JEE/CAT in Aakash/Career launcher or the 10-15 yrs old children working on tea-stalls and leather factories. Rs. 20000 crore..for 5000 reserved students(every year) and as the statistics shows, half of them will move to US/UK who got uplifted after this whole cauldron India or US? Are we creating warfare for enhancing economy of silicon valley? As I think, India doesn’t need this solution. Rs. 20000 crore for IIT and IIM. How many students from tribal lands and rural places join these elite institutes? The child carrying cleaning cups and glasses at tea-stall or working in farms with their parents in borrowed lands.under-privileged people never get the absolute advantage. Rs. 20000 crore.Rs. 10000/year was well enough to educate one illiterate person in tribal/rural areas. I’ve observed that rural youth haven’t got lesser talents, they need mental uplifting and a sort of economical support. Spending Rs. 10000 per student could have become miracle for them. According to Moily’s report, few more committees will be set to analyze situations in IIMs and other elite institutes. In the rural primary schools, there is no CVC/committee appointed to ensure the operations of teachers/school inspectors/D.O. Few years before, education dept has hired some volunteers for random inquiries in primary/other schools.the teachers paid them better than the government and now, teachers appear in schools once in a week and the volunteers are doing the same thing as earlier, that is, playing cards. Rs. 20000 crore.and uplifting of under-privileged citizens, social justice, removal of “manuvadi” culture, and whole debate of education. Rs. 20000 crore.millions of Indian taxpayers and a team formed by Singh, Ramadoss, Moily, Karat, Yechuty, Meera, Paswan, and Yadav. Rs. 20000 crore.. awakened silence of more than 1 billion Indian citizens and exaggerated outcry of one minister. This is how we are getting social justice. This is how we are uplifting the under-privileged citizen. This is how we act like Zimbabwe/Fiji and speak like US/Swiss. This is how will we achieve the dream of India-2020.

Well, the final report is expected by August 31, but what to do with it. We already know what is going to happen after all. Before that, look at top 3 poor jokes of last week:-

  1. The committee decided to ask all individual institutions to submit their detailed project reports (DPRs) for infrastructure upgrade. (as if, they always listen to the voices made by them)
  2. According to the report, besides adopting a code of conduct, the industry will create 100 entrepreneurs from SCs/STs in the first year. (well, how will they do it?)

  3. It also proposes establishment of coaching centers for about 10,000 SC/ST students in 10 universities and also for entrance exams in professional and technical courses for 5,000 students. (hmm…justifying the amendment that leads to more chaos).

RTI : Loss of a right

The biggest joke of the last week is that former IRS Arvind Kejriwal won Magsaysay Award for his remarkable contribution in RTI. This was the biggest achievement for Kejriwaal and slap on the government’s face. Still not recovered from quota cauldron, the “empowered” citizens got another shock. Everyone is performing own power-game, earlier they were politicians and now they are bureaucrats. “Right to Information” was another equipment making the common man empowered in this chaotic situation of the nation. But, it was harassing our IAS lobby, making them weaker among the citizen power. It almost became a necessity to amend the law before the citizen could become enlightened and prevent autocracy and corruption. Here comes the absolute social justice. That means, empower the segment who will benefit you and call it social justice. Social Justice.the most ridiculous word in a democratic nation. After all, which authority will lose its patronage and who will want to become answerable for their action. This is power-business, bureaucrats kept their mouth shut in the reservation issue. Now its time for payback, the politicians will return for their loyalty. Who is going to take care of the citizens? The proposal contended for all such details related to personal information, the disclosure of which has no relationship to any public activity or interest, or which would cause unwarranted invasion of the piracy of the individual. In the case of Kejriwal’s demands, how the committee could even imagine that appointments to Government of India is a private affair of some officers and that it does not have a public interest. The rationale for government actions, the lack of actions, change in certain policy, allotment of certain contract, or why a sanction was withheld to prosecute a particular corrupt official, aren’t they matter of public interest or related to public welfare, after all? Okay, let the old men protest again and let Kejriwal’s career be finished. Delhi police has always been busy with controlling protests and strikes, let the government utilize their HR costs.

And the bigger than the biggest joke is that they(who are making amendments in RTI act) are the same people who asked private/public companies to make their HR activities transparent to the government and the whole nation. Over the issue of reservation in private sector, it was decided that the companies will volunteered support “under-privileged people empowerment” and recruit people from reserved categories more than earlier. At the same time, the organizations will provide all the details to the government..and the government, they are taking the opposite decision when it comes to the transparency in their own activities. What a joke!!!

Now, at least, one thing is confirmed. The politics and the authorities are in the greatest fear.afraid of the voters, afraid of the citizens, afraid of everything. All these events are just the consequences of the fears and their frustrationsand it gives the citizens more opportunity to increase the heat. What say!!!

Chalte Chalte

“The union government should not allow the unjust demand of anti-reservation people, who form 5-10% of the populations of India. They suggest phased implementation of reservation for OBCs, application of creamy layer concept and increase in the seats for general category. I am of the firm opinion that if these demands are accepted, it will amount to preferentially empowering the empowered, at the cost of oppressing the oppressed. It is strange that the creamy layer concept was not applied to the unreserved category till date these demands are entirely unconstitutional and unethical.” — M Karunanidhi, a letter to PM, Dated- Aug 4, Published – Aug 6.

Read his statement again..this is “the joke of the year”..totally ridiculous!!!

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