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India in 2011 – The Top 20 Videos

Best of 2011

You may term 2011 as whichever kind of year you want to, but one thing we shall perhaps unanimously agree that it was an year of news. All kinds of news. News of things which happened, and also, on the other hand, few things which happened only for the sake of news. Paid and deliberately created news and also the organic news which surprisingly topped the chart. Some were pushed to us down our throats, some went viral because they were kept secrets. Some of the videos can be revered for the visuals, most for the audio and the genius in the voices. But, most of these were revelations, not with surprise but with sheer awe. Invaluable for showcasing the gigantic amount of genius with super entertainment values.

With this kind of list, I am not quite sure about the title this post has, a portion of which says ‘top 20’. We could rightfully use dozens of adjectives and their superlatives of these videos. In many cases, each of the videos can attract a separate superlative exclusively for itself. Excellent, WTF, genius, lame, stupid, idiotic, outrageous, entertaining, courageous, sad, anger, pathetic, hilarious, shameful, irritating, mindless, mindful(!), and so on. But, I took the simplest path available. Apologies if you decided otherwise.

So, forget all the lists of 2011 videos you came across by far and check this one out.


20. Kolaveri Di
This was the ‘most deliberate’ viral video ever, thus not a viral, and certainly broke all barriers of language and region. This video can be referenced as a marketing excellence in entertainment industry, nevertheless, this was totally lame and stupid. If you feel otherwise, fine, but I’ll still include this video in this list because it turned out to be too “irritating” in the end, even more than 10 Rakhi Saawants put together. Why? Because it became responsible for 100 of other versions of Kolaveri of all shapes and forms. Fuck, even in the Netherlands. And those videos were everywhere, each of them shared via social media by each of our friends.


19. Dhinchak in Caribbean
This is what happens when so many things are mixed together. This video most possibly succeeded to give ample dose of entertainment to an Indian family displaced or transported to a foreign location 100 years before. 90’s Bollywood, Bhojpuri, Arabian dance, village photo studio’s colorful wallpaper, that wedding video of your uncle, thumka, Harmonium, Banjo, dholak, tree, river, etcetera, etcetera….

18. Rajneeti Prasad tears Lokpal papers in Rajya Sabha
The action was fixed and the stage was set. It happened in the upper house just before the midnight and, soon later, the house was adjourned. This was totally unprecedented and was slammed from all across the country. Interestingly, CNN-IBN reported it ‘an hour ago’. This too happened for the first time in India but the editor-at-large was extremely proud and cheerful. The most important part of this whole episode was the person who did it – Rajneeti Prasad! Could there be any better ‘name’ for the person who performed this historic action? Rajneeti ka prasad? Any name better than this?


17. Delhi attempts flash mob, fails
Flash Mob was ‘Kolaveri part-2’ of 2011. It was Tedx. It was Pritam, Anu Malik, fast, protest, candle march all put together for 21st century generation of India this year. A symbol for superiority. Everybody was doing it in every Indian city. First started by Mumbaikars and was done pretty well. Delhites couldn’t let the Mumbai go away with one extra point and ‘planned & organized’ for a flash mob. Apparently, Delhi police was least bothered by the comparison scorecard between both the cities and played a huge spoilsport. Still, the story didn’t end here, and before you could flash your eyelids, there were flash mobs in Chennai, Banglore, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Jhumaritillaiya, Bhatta Paraul, and Kavaratti.


16. Trailer of Pakistan’s first Punjabi film in English jabaan!
You should actually be appreciating this stuff. For the mammoth task of producing the first ever Punjabi movie in English language of the Pakistan, the actors had to toil hard by going to English coaching classes for six months straight. Yes. 6 months of learning English, day and night, to finish a course which was khususi tabiyati in the end, rightfully so. Moreover, the movie promised to have action, romance, drama, and unforgettable melodies which will be  sanganil for coming generations. Pliss to watch!


15. The Haryanvi Dance
Michael Jackson, Shakira, Prabhu Deva, Govinda, Mithun, JLo, Chris Brown, Shiamak – You have watched all of them dancing, but I bet you haven’t watched a performance all of them put together. Here you go –


14. Hot & Spicy – 2011 Cricket World Cup Song Sri Lanka
The Cricket World Cup 2011 was scheduled in the subcontinent and Sri Lanka was certainly not left behind to lift the spirits of its players. Here is the hottest and spiciest video ever made to inspire the cricketers from one particular nation. The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd position for the still images category is held by, of course, Poonam Pandey!


13. Rave party in Pakistan
Okay, this is a totally underground video, revealed in 2011 probably to counter the worldwide raptures and Mayan prophecies. You will have to watch this to know how epic it is. As of me, I have hardly any idea of what these ‘ravers’ are doing, but they are certainly very high on something or the other.


12. Om Puri’s antics at Ramlila Ground
I won’t comment on the acting proficiencies of this once-a-premier-art-house actor, but here at Ramlila Ground, he certainly went much over the top and overacted out of zeal or perhaps a little dose of marijuana. He termed the politicians ganwaar and nalaayak, where his definition of a ganwaar was the one who doesn’t speak in English. Soon later, on the stage itself, he accepted his mistakes – “maaf kijiye, main thoda bahek gaya tha“. Say no to drugs, Mr Puri, particularly in daylight!


11. Muskil hai apna mel priye ye pyar nahi hai khel priye
He is Kumar Vishwaas of 2011, for those who know about a certain Dr Vishwaas, and this salutation comes to the poet due to this video. The poet in the poetry recited below talks about how difficult the love is and how the disparities make the love so difficult. Reminiscence of 70s/80s’ love stories, maybe, but the comparisons are very hard to irgnore. Much due to the alankaar-anupraas used in this epic Hindi poetry.


10. No touching, no touching. Only seeing, only seeing
The Himesh surfaced once again in 2011, in a best kick-ass, wtf way as possible. This video is full of ‘epic’ness, in every bits and pieces. Just watch till the end!


9. MTV Roadies Auditions
MTV Roadies auditions are perhaps the most WTF-reality-show-auditions of the universe. On top of that, the WTFness has a peculiar kind of ‘variety’ here which is totally unbeatable by any other show. This is the 9th year of this Indian reality show and the WTFness only grows with each year. This particular audition in the following video which tops even the list of all MTV Roadies auditions. Watch it, it will make you rolling on the floor laughing and may also make you feel sad about how fucked-up this generation is.


8.Veena Malik vs Mufti Saheb
Nobody knew Veena Malik and then suddenly everybody knew who Veena Malik is. ‘What Veena Malik was capable of’ was still largely unknown. Before she did two outrageous things in 2011, both of which invited large-scale extreme reactions, in both India and Pakistan. Pakistan more, as it was on the receiving side on many levels. The video which made into the top 10er is first of those two. Veena already had a history of being a Bigg Boss inmate and that received a lot of flak in Pakistan. While she was in Pakistan, she was interviewed on a news channel, during which one ‘Mufti Saheb’ was also invited for the face-to-face debate with Veena. Little did Mufti saab know!

This video is a glimpse of what happened to him in the program. Mufti saab was speechless and Veena Malik ruthlessly thrashed him. The aftermath was that the opposition in Pakistan went silent, the liberals said it was long due, the Pakistani women had a new face, the war ended, the world peace was done,…and everything else! Well, beside the fun part, it was a very brave and courageous on Veena Malik’s part which was commended and applauded everywhere. Until Veena Malik came with the second thing – posing nude with an ISI tattoo on an Indian magazine’s cover. Then, nobody gave a fuck!


7. Puchho inse puchho – Kiran Bedi’s antics at Ramlila Grounds
Perhaps the likes of Arindam Chaudhari, Om Puri, and Kumar Vishwas gave such overdose of confidence in Kiran Bedi that she couldn’t stop herself from doing a jig or two. We may accept that her intent was fine, but the antics were funny, the drama was epically WTF, and the dialogue was outrageous. In the end, a whole generation of inspired youth were disappointed. Sad! Considering how Kiran Bedi has been the top role modal and icon for millions of young Indian girls.


6. S M Krishna reads speech of somebody else at UNSC
Well, this was the ‘gaffe of the year’. Nobody has ever imagined that the external affairs minister of the world’s largest democracy will read a speech of somebody else in one of the most elite, powerful, diplomatic and governmental gathering on the earth. Yes, it was India’s foreign minister SM Krishna, speaking at United Nations Security Council. Making it epic, he and his colleagues realized after 3 minutes that the speech actually belonged to his counterpart from Portugal. A news report:-


5. Jannat ki Hoor
A seasoned mulla from Pakistan in a religious discourse, which is largely about what the earthy creatures are, how they should be treated, and what awaits the muslim youth in heaven. It disgusted me so much that won’t comment anything further on it. Watch and decide for yourself.


4. The Amar Prem Katha featuring Jaya Prada
I think everyone will agree that Amar Singh is the Amar Singh of politics. When the court gave a nod, a journalist released a collection of the phone tapes of Amar Singh with several famous people – Anil Ambani, Mulayam Singh, Deepak Singhal, Abhijit, Bipasha/Dipasha, Jaya Prada, and so on. You may presume what would the talks with Anil Ambani or Mulayam Singh contain, if you know who Amar Singh is. But, the one with Jaya Prada was surprising, refreshing, hilarious, and of course what the F. Especially the bits involved with the suggestions about keeping one’s body clean and all. For those interested in more, the complete ‘Amar Prem Katha’ can be found here.


3. Govind Tiwari dil ka bhola hai
All those people who are active on social media, especially on Twitter, know everything about Govind Tiwari already. Such was his effect. He went so viral that he became the heartthrob of the nation instantly, as you see, the innocence which is presented in the video was irresistible to put down. Immediately pushed all viral marketers, CV makers, Orkut profiles, Shaadi dotcomers, etc to shame!  Please visit his blog as well.


2. Arindam Chaudhari at Ramlila Grounds
Ramlila Grounds was the epicenter of all the epic actions, drama, and tragedy this year. Despite all the politically correct and relevant parts of the things happened over there, we have three videos picked from the place to make the top 20 lists of 2011’s visual delights. That says it all. But no, you got to watch the best of the lot. Arindam Chaudhari provides the best of entertainments every year and he didn’t spare the 2011 either. Be it the IIPM’s ever-improving print advertisements, the quotes, the TV advertisements of his bestseller books and his exclusive op-ed in his only-magazine-on-the-face-of-earth-to-be-published-in-x-number-of-language featuring randomly and aggressively, zoomed-in-and-out Chaudhari and his fingers-specs-and-ponytail, or this change-maker speech at Ramlila Grounds.


1. Vishwa Bandhu Gupta, in a ‘Chauthi Duniya’ interview, explains cloud computing
And the *drumrolls* for the numero uno position! Ok, but why this video and what is so special about it? Maaloom hai aapko? Main batata hun! It was a complete, organic, pure viral video. Nothing was deliberate and pushed. Only the genius and the excellence of the video marketed itself worldwide, making everyone the MLM agents of all Indian MLM companies. Maaloom hai aapko?

I’ll tell you once again that Vishwa Bandhu Gupta is a genius, a legend. In this video of less than 5 minutes, he provides a brief and comprehensive tutorial on wireless broadcasting, mobile phones, cloud computing, UID, and what happens in America. In this must-watch video, he educates like nobody ever did before. Well, content aside, the way Mr Gupta grills the interviewer, switches the position of his spectacle back and forth, goes out of the way to provide as much knowledge and information as he can for pure altruistic purpose, is nothing less than an act of genius. Truly epic. Even after this interview, Vishwa Bandhu Gupta continued with his philanthropy by sharing his knowledge for quite some time on Twitter (@vbg11), but later, for some unknown reason, he deleted his account.

And two thumbs up to Dr Manish Prakash too. Who Manish? Main batata hun! The legendary interviewer from the weekly magazine ‘Chauthi Duniya’. On a serious note, It’s him who makes this video a visual delight. Watch his reactions!

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