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Tag: Humanity

The Dawn Chorus

It was yesterday,
when it all came to me.
All random, scattered,
swollen and trembling
gratitudes of mine go to thee.

Early dawn,
and some dripple dews
on yellowish maple leaves.
All afresh, but ebbing away,
and continuously playing on my heaves.

Amidst the beauty
the sleep was still on my nerves.
Two eyes were reading newspapers
and the heart
was stumbling on the curves.

Some killings, a couple of rapes,
shining knives with the people of plague.
Also some riots on the name of god
and a wife with broken spinal cord.
Hardly interesting it was making me bored,
it was all as usual to be surely ignored.

For the “ignorance is bliss”
and daily holocaust
by the people with the blessings of lord.
The sovereign almighty
had to celebrate the night
coz the mutants are to kill
and the mutants are to die.

For the god,
who is hidden in milky way.
I would appreciate
murders, riots, rapes,
and an earth full of fray.

Err, I always admired
the existence of thy gods.
And all their children –
dews, leaves, birds,
and the manlike swords.

With the rising morning
I saw end of the dawn,
and the falling dews just like me.
The power belongs to the god
and the things mutants do for thee.

We exist for a reason
to be thankful of a dying distant dynasty.
As the kingdom told me yesterday:
we are here to be ignored
and we are here to ignore.

Image source: G. Harvey