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Tag: Transformation

The soul of the dawn

During the time of day and night, a time occurs that is so precious and lively gift to us from the name of divine. The time is called “the time of Angelus“. This is the time when light and darkness merge. When the darkness comes and merges within the light, it gives birth to a greatest transformation of the nature. Masters say that you can never find more beautiful time than the dawn. There is one another event, when light merges within the darkness, and then there comes the time for monsters. It definitely doesn’t matter whether the light goes in or comes out. The real spirit lies beneath the transformation and the moment when both merge. Perhaps, that’s the reason the law of nature keeps the universe live and full of liveliness. When the dawn calls for the holy spirit, a sound appears and we often become mesmerized by it. We forget our appearance and souls. If we can listen to the rhythum, we may find the reason behind our lives and the facts why the nature wants us to be here. This moment comes everyday, but we never realized the chorus within our hearts and never felt the dawn as its real appearance.

I always wondered about the power that shows the directions to the sun, the moon, the wind, the clouds, the birds, the lives, the spirits, and the Roarks. Who/what is it? Is it the night or the day? Or is it the dawn and the time of Angelus? Is it the desire of light and darkness to merge within each other? Or is it the passion behind their loves, desires, and faiths that let the greatest transformation born?

I should consider that this is a calling for us to merge our different faces and bodies and spirits within and let the matrix (around our minds ) disappear. Let the heart sing and give birth to the dawn within our souls..


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