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The Mainstream Theory

Stage 1

  • Enter in your own profession a/c to the education/skill set/desires.
  • Never forget the responsibilities for parents & family and perform your duty.
  • You have to have happy/satisfactory/wealthy life and afford a reasonable standard of personal desires/ luxuries.
  • Never forget the greatest ambition to serve the country, reform the system, and make a great nation.
  • Keep finding opportunities and wherever get, don’t lose any chance to enter in.
  • Stay honest in profession, responsibilities, and ambition until the end of life.

Stage 2

  • Whenever find that there’s no problem while performing these tasks altogether, start the campaign (slowly) to aware the people who have longing anyways and later, who are afraid, and then, who are making things worse.
  • With slow pace, enter in the core reform process from the mainstream because until them you”ll have every required criteria and resource.
  • The core reform process must be continued and accelerated with greater speed day-by-day.
  • Be consistent, honest, passionate, excellent, and an Indian.

We first get to understand these plans, and then we begin doing the job some of us are already doing it and this is a continuous process, say when you reach at the 9th stage, someone enter in the 1st, and so on this movement is not about the protest and anger, it’s all about the awareness of the calling and the passion for the dream.

It all depends on whether we want it to be happened or not and whether we are ready with our contributions or not . by removing the tags of the escapists, non-reliable Indians, confused intellectual Indian society, India’s future who is thirst for power/money . and the selfish(not individualist) intelligence who could have been revolutionary turks for India’s future it has to be done, otherwise, the generations of the country will be carrying the dream for centuries and the nation will never attain it. I’m not telling to sacrifice anything be a materialistic but clearly define the limitations of your quests and the ethics of your materialistic quest if u want to be an American then make India like us and live in developed India.

We have got everything, look at ur house and clean the dirty stuffs and stains that had covered ur reality. stop crying, start cleaning the dirt . your thoughts, mindsets, attitudes — everything has been coated by dust the smell is coming from your own shits we r the cause.the solutions is not to escape.

Dream India

Where is the solution? — there is. change yourself, if everyone bring transformation within him/herself. we’ll achieve our greatest dream.

What dream? — the great Indian dream.

Where is it? — here, but we can’t see it until we get rid of fears and cowardice stopping us to cross the roadblocks.

What are the roadblocks? — 1.Population, 2. Illiteracy, 3. Poverty, 4. Governance, 5. Corruption, 6. Economy, 7. Unemployment, 8. Law & order, 9. Infrastructure.

What is the basic reason? — the lack of confidence, that’s the national character.

Main reasons — Lack of confidence, Escapism, Dependence, “sab chalta hai” attitude, Formal education system. (these all factors formulate themselves in an individual)

Where is the solution? — there is.change urself, if everyone brings transformation within him/herself. we’ll achieve our greatest dream.

Can we achieve that? — Yes, we have got everything, look at your house and clean the dirty stuffs and stains that have covered your reality. stop crying, start cleaning the dirt . your thoughts, mindsets, attitudes — everything has been coated by dust the smell is coming from your own shit we r the reasons.the solution is not to escape.

How to remove this drawback? — transform yourself and spread this message across the country and at least, stage 1 operations has to be installed in every Indian . as i hv specified, few ppl are already busy with the stage 2 operations. Their ways r different.but longing is the same. it will need national surge.. not violent, but fiery..and the fire will keep burning within us.

What is the way? — The mainstream theory.

It can be a solution and pathway that should suit everyone coz i always found that ppl are motivated by several causes that lead to their escapism and all these causes are imaginary, we need to remove the curtain and bring the real understanding we can make people feel part of national movement.. and we don’t want to form any centralized/political is solely individual effort and every Indian has to contribute here.

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